Old Norwegian Dictionary - finnför

Meaning of Old Norwegian word "finnför" (or finnfǫr) in Norwegian.

As defined by the Johan Fritzer's Old Norwegian dictionary:

finnför (finnfǫr)
finnför, f. 1) d. s. Mork. 17615. 18222(Fm. VII, 12715. 1407). 2) Reise til Finnerne for at søge Hjælp af deresTrolddomskunst, føre sig den til Nytte (jvf fara til Finnmerkr at spyrja spáBorg. 2, 2512. 3, 2212; trúa á Finna,fara til Finna Eids. 1, 454 fg); gerafinnfarar Borg. I, 16.

Part of speech: f

Orthography: Johan Fritzner's dictionary used the letter ö to represent the original Old Norwegian (or Old Norse) vowel ǫ. Therefore, finnför may be more accurately written as finnfǫr.

Possible runic inscription in Medieval Futhork:ᚠᛁᚿᚿᚠᚯᚱ
Medieval Runes were used in Norway from 11th to 15th centuries.
Futhork was a continuation of earlier Younger Futhark runes, which were used to write Old Norse.

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