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Meaning of Old Norwegian word "knérunnr" in Norwegian.

As defined by the Johan Fritzer's Old Norwegian dictionary:

knérunnr, m. 1) Slægtlinje. Grg. I, 16819.19621. 2204; Grág. 1168; Nj. 55 (8519).745; Anal. 18613 (Draum. 13224); jamtskal arfi skipta í alla knérunna, enþat er knérunnr at telja frá systkin-um Grág. 6410. 2) Slægtled (hvorvedder i en Slægtlinje dannes nye Skud,og denne forgrener sig i flere): til hinnarsjaundu kynkvíslar ok knérunns Stj. 5421.

Part of speech: m

Possible runic inscription in Medieval Futhork:ᚴᚿᚽᚱᚢᚿᚿᚱ
Medieval Runes were used in Norway from 11th to 15th centuries.
Futhork was a continuation of earlier Younger Futhark runes, which were used to write Old Norse.

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