Old Norwegian Dictionary - nauðbreytr

Meaning of Old Norwegian word "nauðbreytr" in Norwegian.

As defined by the Johan Fritzer's Old Norwegian dictionary:

nauðbreytr, adj. saadan at jeg nødig ladermig bevæge til at gjøre nogen Forandringi det bestaaende; ef hefi lengi veritmeð Hneyti, ok hefir mér gótt til hagsorðit, ok er mér nauðbreytt (&vl vand-breytt) um þat Sturl. I, 927.

Part of speech: adj

Possible runic inscription in Medieval Futhork:ᚿᛆᚢᚦᛒᚱᚽᛦᛏᚱ
Medieval Runes were used in Norway from 11th to 15th centuries.
Futhork was a continuation of earlier Younger Futhark runes, which were used to write Old Norse.

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