Old Norwegian Dictionary - óðalslausn

Meaning of Old Norwegian word "óðalslausn" in Norwegian.

As defined by the Johan Fritzer's Old Norwegian dictionary:

óðalslausn, f. Indløsning af Odelsjord; kendis ok fird - Anwnder -, at hanhafde opboret af Torgrime Ormson8 mark gulz firi thet 12 mark boll ifird Garde jordh, item gaf ok T. An-wnde 7 alna klede i odals løsn, ti thetvar hans kono odall DN. IX, 57715;jvf kiøpte hanndt odels lløsen DN.IX, 7939.

Part of speech: f

Possible runic inscription in Medieval Futhork:ᚮᚦᛆᛚᛋᛚᛆᚢᛋᚿ
Medieval Runes were used in Norway from 11th to 15th centuries.
Futhork was a continuation of earlier Younger Futhark runes, which were used to write Old Norse.

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